backyard water balloon fight

Do you date your family?

I know I do. Because they are the best people on this planet and I love all the time I can have with them. You know, family dates don't have to be at a restaurant or fun park. This family chose to have a water balloon fight in their backyard!! How cool are they?!

family date by seattle photographer anna nodolf.jpg

Water balloons, water guns, bubbles and yup. You see that correctly. A giant unicorn, spraying water out of its horn. 

She's one of those moms that when her kids grow up, they will say, "She bought us a giant unicorn when we were kids. Heck, yeah she's cool!!"

summer sprinkler mini session by seattle family photographer anna nodolf-10.jpg

I love kids, man. One minute, they are all smiles, throwing the water balloons at mom and dad. And the second it's turned on them, they are DONE. But, in those quiet moments, we can get some really beautiful shots. It's nice to have a variety of emotion expressed in your family pictures. Even when we're only together for a short time.  

When the Mcdonald family asked me to photograph them in their backyard, playing in their unicorn sprinkler and attacking each other with water balloons, I was thrilled. This family is SO FUN. They love spending time together and aren't afraid to get a little messy. This is quality time, people. And I am ALL ABOUT IT. Your family has a unique brand of togetherness and you should have pictures of it! Pictures that show you how it felt, in that moment, at those ages, to spend time with your people. 

So, whether it be a coffee shop, the park, the mountains, or your own backyard, let's document your family's favorite place to be, together.

summer sprinkler mini session by seattle family photographer anna nodolf-20.jpg

Call me.