day in the life sessions

seattle family photographer


is beautiful.

I wanna hang with your sweet fam. And document your day.

Because your life is good.

And your kids are quirky.

And time is flying. 

Day in the life sessions are pure magic. I have fallen in love with documenting them because they are honest and REAL. This full day, documentary style coverage has the power to freeze time, and tell the story of what your life FEELS like RIGHT NOW.

It’s the way your daughter runs into your room to wake you up in the morning. It’s the smell of blueberry pancakes while your kids put on a play for you in the living room. It’s your daily family walk to the coffee shop.

These things won’t always happen. That’s what makes them so sweet.


Take a moment to think about it. What are your favorite things about your life right now? What does your everyday look like?

Now picture yourself in 30 years. Sitting in your easy chair with your favorite cup of tea (or wine, let’s be real). You’re reminiscing about the good old days. When your babies were actually babies. You grab your album off the table and thumb through your story slowly. Page by page. Memory by memory. None is forgotten and for a beautiful moment, you are transported back to that time. When life was messy. And chaos surrounded you.

And it was freaking beautiful.