newborn // hangin with the buban family

day in the life newborn session by Seattle documentary photographer Anna Nodolf

He's here. And you couldn't possibly be more excited. This tiny human has made you a family of three and completely changed your world. But so much of your world still remains the same. You still enjoy the things you always have, like going outside for a walk by the lake, even when it's pouring down rain. You are bringing this child into your world just as much as they are changing yours. I love celebrating the beauty of that with pictures!!

Some people opt for entirely in home newborn shoots. Of which I am a fan. BUT this family chose a little adventure for their newborn session and I am all about it. We took that newbie out in the rain, bundled him up and breathed in that fresh, pnw air. Ahhhh. It's just the best. 

You just know that kid is going to grow up outside, living his best life.