morning in the life

Because not everyone can spend the whole day being photographed.

I get it. The whole idea of having someone in your home documenting you the entire day can be a little daunting.

The half day in the life offers an alternative for busy families who want real life, honest moments documented, but don’t have the time or budget to commit to the full day.

How it works. You can choose to document your morning or your evening. Think about your favorite things that happen throughout the day. Crazy stuff your kid does, daily traditions you have as a family, your favorite places to go. When do these things happen? Morning or evening? That’s how we decide.

Do you love the way your daughter runs into your room in the morning to wake you up with snuggles? Does your husband sneak out of bed early to make sure you have coffee when you wake up? 

day in the life family photography portraits seattle

I promise, once we start to hang, it won’t be so daunting. In fact, you might wish we had the whole day once we’re done. 

cheers, babes.