winter is coming. and won't stop.

snow day-1.jpg

I pictured this view when we toured our home last summer. It was part of the reason we wanted this home so badly. Now, the snow is here and I just can’t stop staring.

We’re all going a little mad.

It’s like an impromptu summer break without the sun. And a whole lotta snow.

We’re not really sure what day it is anymore. I drink coffee all day until at some point, it feels like the right time to switch to wine.

The snow is everywhere. In our hair, boots, the kitchen floor. Even our food is beginning to look like snow.

We’ve played every board game and card game in the house, watched the entire collection of star wars films (in order of release date - the only way to do it, my friends), puzzles, books, legos, jedi training with her stuffies, and I even washed my hair.

Luckily, we are all stocked up on coffee, wine, beer, and mac n cheese. I’d have a lot to complain about except my kid has been sleeping until 8:30 and then playing legos quietly while I sleep ‘til 9 (or later). I’m actually pretty freaking excited every night when we get that phone call that school is cancelled the next day. Call me crazy, but I just love slow days soaking up this sweet life.

It does help that we’re within walking distance of grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants and friends. And that the power hasn’t gone out.

That helps too.

It’s the most snow we’ve had in 70 years, guys. SEVENTY!!

I do realize the majority of my pictures from the Seattle snowpocalypse are shot through windows. That is no coincidence, my friends. I’m staying inside with a warm bevvy as much as possible.

Stay safe, warm and remember that soon enough, they will be back in school all day and we will actually miss them again.

Oh wait. Mid winter break is next week. I guess we won’t be missing them for a while.

Cheers, kids.