awards season

So, usually the beginning of the year is for catching up on zzz’s, hangin with my fam and tryna stay on top of my New Years rezzies. As a photographer, I’m pretty used to being slow this time of year. And that’s ok! Because I’m in desperate need of a long break after the insane in the membrane busy holiday months.  

But this year is different. I’ve learned something that many photographers already knew. January - February is AWARDS SEASON. 

great grandma sews teddy bear for documentary family photography - anna nodolf

No, I’m not just talking about the golden globes. Apparently this is the time of year when many photography contests are open for entry. So I’ve been hitting it hard, looking through all my pictures, gathering my best stuff, curating the collection, seeking out second, third, and fourth opinions, etc.

It’s super exciting, but I feel super busy, yet not busy at all at the same time. I figured this would be as good a time as any to share some of my favorite images from the last few years, from the collection I’ve been curating for these contests.

My brand is pretty focused on humor and quirkiness. I find weird kiddos delightful and I try to tap into my weird, quirky, youthful self when I’m photographing them too.

Be sure to let me know your favorites!