holiday hangs with my lil fam

Well, we’re not even a week back into school and I’m already counting down to summer. I just LOVED every minute at home with my girl during her school break.

I had the best time taking life slow and being with my two favorites during the holidays. I’ve been working on getting out my camera when we are together, but still staying present and in the moment.

It’s tough, man.

Seattle family photographer Anna Nodolf - elf on the shelf

But this year, I feel like I’ve had a major breakthrough. I’ve just been allowing myself to have the camera nearby and ready, but not always on me. If there is a moment happening or something I don’t want to ever forget, I compose it in my head first and then grab the shot. I’m not forcing my kid to perform or asking her to smile. Just living in the moment and grabbing lil nuggets of memories to reflect on later.

It’s more about archiving family moments for me than obsessing over making the best picture I can.

So, here’s a little glimpse into our holiday traditions this year and family hangs.

I hope your holidays were as relaxing as ours were, filled with wonderful family memories, and that you were able to snag pictures of them too.