maternity // hangin with the jones family

maternity portraits in spokane by seattle family photographer anna nodolf

It’s the simple things you remember most about your pregnancy. Those things you do every day in preparation and self care. And with each of those things comes thoughts about who’s in there.

Will she inherit my curly hair? Does she have her dad’s eyes? What kind of woman will she become? Slathering your baby bump with lotion, getting the crib built, sewing quilts out of vintage fabric, all for this tiny human you are in anticipation to meet and fall deeply in love with.

That’s magic.

This refrigerator says so much about couples awaiting their first baby. Tons of pictures of just the two of them, so in love, baby shower invitation secured with a magnet, front and center because... baby brain.

spokane family portraits by seattle family photographer anna nodolf

My favorite part is, without a doubt, the fruit loops juxtaposed with bourbon on top of the fridge. It will be fun to see it change over time, slowly being covered with family pictures of the three of them and finger painted art work from their little one. #tobecontinued



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