day in the life // hangin with the edwards family

I LOVE traveling, exploring a new city, getting to know new people and places. It's my jam. So, when my friends Rachel and AnDrew invited me to photograph them in their Charlotte home, I was pretty pumped. 

family photographer maple valley - day in the life family photography.jpg

Rachel was my college roommate. She witnessed me falling in love with my husband/soul mate, maid of honor in each others weddings, honorary sister for life. So, when she moved across the freaking country, I was bummed. But over time we've realized that it kinda works for us. We see each other just a few weeks out of the year, but when we do, we soak it in and make up for all the time lost. I generally have my camera out when we hang because, well. Her kids are quite entertaining. But this was the first day in the life I documented for them and it was magic. 

Rachel and AnDrew keep themselves pretty busy. Four kids, pastoring a church, involvement in their community plus a specialty coffee business. Even though they have quite a few plates spinning, they make time for what matters most. Their babies and each other.

One of the ways they spend time together is exploring. They have a "secret spot" just for family adventures. (I've been sworn to secrecy, so I cannot divulge much information). But just know this, they really know how to make the most out of every moment and teach their kids how to live life to the fullest. 

I love using my camera to show families how much love resides in their home. I think that might be my biggest objective when making pictures. Yes, I love adventure and funny moments, but the connection and the beauty in your own signature brand of togetherness, that's what lights me up.

Cheers, babes.