newborn // hangin with the przygocki family

in home newborn photography bonnie lake - michele

Photographing families in their homes with a fresh baby is pretty magical.

I don’t claim to be the baby whisperer. I don’t spend the whole shoot soothing baby so we can get these pretty, posey, perfect shots. In fact, perfect is a little overrated.

REAL is the new perfect.

I mean, just look at this sweet baby. The last thing she needs is for me to decide how she should be posed, she does a much better job of that herself. This stretch is everyyyything.

And her adoring mom, just loving her life while she watches her new baby. That’s the good stuff.

A new baby changes everything. Life slows down for just a bit as you soak in this new member of the fam. Routines get mixed up and new family traditions are made. It is such a special time that tends to fly by and you are probably so tired that you won’t remember most of it.

Unless you have pictures of it, that is.