family date sessions

Your family is so fun. 

If you're anything like us, you don't hang out with each other just because you HAVE to. You want to. You crave it. 

family photographer puyallup - cromwell-12.jpg

What are your special things? Where do you make your favorite memories? Most likely, you don't just make them at home, you have special family traditions that aren't just during the holidays and special occasions. You love walking to your local coffee shop and playing at the park nearby. Your favorite thing to do as a family is stroll the farmers market and pay extra for things just because the sun is out and you are all together. 

Family pictures shouldn't just be about the big stuff, the weddings, the birthdays, the holidays... it's about remembering your everyday things that are the fondest memories for you. The stuff you think about and say, THAT'S US!!

I want to make pictures of your every day. That's more than just what you do at home, but also your favorite things to do outside of the home.

That's the magic of the family date!

Cheers, babes.


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