day in the life // hangin with the weaver family

This family is all about adventure. Like. Literally.

They dream of turning a school bus into a traveling tiny home and setting off to see the world.

day in the life family portraits in auburn by documentary photographer anna nodolf

You want to be just like them, don't you?! I know I do.

They inspire me to think about what's truly important in life. Disconnecting from the hustle and bustle and just being with each other is so good for the soul. I love spending time with them and watching them raise their girls with this life-seeking way of being. It's just so beautiful. 

Oftentimes, I hear from my clients "our daily life would be boring for you to shoot," or "we wouldn't know what to do." PERFECT. Don't plan anything. JUST BE. Those day in the life sessions are the actual best. Making pictures of what you do every day as a family. The daily grind. Making breakfast, bath time, reading stories for bed. THAT is where the beauty is. That's the whole point.

family portraits in auburn by photographer anna nodolf

Cheers, babes.


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